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D.R. Dimes

"Committed to offer only that which is finely conceived and crafted," the D.R. Dimes Collection offers only the finest examples of Early American Design. Mr. Dimes has been commissioned by such prestigious museums as the Smithsonian Museum, Independence Hall, Old Storbridge Village, and Colonial Williamsburg.

Mr. Dimes' Windsor chairs are still made as the originals were with steam bond bolos and fans, and hand carved ears and knuckles. Three woods are used and the chairs are offered in both natural and painted finishes. Forty-four different styles are available. Each is authentic in design.

Habersham Peddler prices of D.R. Dimes is the minimum allowable by Dimes.  Our pricing structure, together with no sales tax, modest delivery fees and unparalleled service make shopping with us your best buy.